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  • We Are Hiring! After School Counselors/Drivers

    WMAF is looking for dependable, responsible, energetic people who love children to work in our after school program.  We also are looking for drivers to transport our children from the schools to our facility.  Contact us for more details.


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Karate Program

At WMAF we teach karate, wrestling and other forms of self defense to enhance your physical and mental abilities.  All of these areas are related, and practice in one area will help development in the other areas. Making your kata better will improve your sparring abilities; continued practice of basic will improve your kata.

Beginning students learn the fundamentals of karate-do.  This not only includes the physical aspects of karate: body awareness, coordination and strength training but also skills necessary in all other aspects of life:  listening, self-control, self-esteem and respect.

Each student is monitored on his or her progress. Each student will be evaluated on his or her own ability, and whether they demonstrate a willingness, attitude and effort to do their best.  As students move through and master the skills at the different levels, we will build on their expertise and introduce more complex physical skills, more advanced katas, as well as require more disciplined behavior.

In our karate classes, we have a student teacher ratio for our 1st – 5th graders of 10:1 and for 6th graders and up of 15:1.

View our class schedule.